Smartphone Spy Software Reviews

28 Nov

When we think about spy apps world, there is a huge kind of competition among the companies and their spy apps. Since the companies make money thanks to the apps, it’s very important to develop a choosable app by customers. There are a lot of spy apps which you can find out in your app market, but let’s talk about the bests of them.

mSpy is one of the first apps in spy apps category. London-base tech company of the app has one of the best group of workers. The app has a lot of functions for its users; such as tracking location, social media apps, text messages and phone calls. The only thing you should use the app is downloading software to both your computer and the smart phone you want to track. After payment, the app will be ready to use.

Cell Tracker: There are a lot of functions that you would like to track on a smartphone. But the simple and the main function of them is calling someone. Thanks to Cell Tracker, it’s very easy to track these calls. The app works very simple, you need to launch the app in the smartphone which will be tracked, then download the app to your computer. After all these, the app starts to record the call and call information, such as when the call was made and was made with whom.

Children Tracker: Tracking apps firstly were developed for the people who want their children to be safe. If you want to know where your children are, you need a location tracker in their smartphones. Children Tracker is a great app for you if you just want to know the location of your children. The app works on GPS system which almost every smartphone has, keeps it open and transfers to location information to you.The app doesn’t have any other function than that.