Text the Romance Back Review

19 Oct

A lot of book readers find Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back an interesting find. For one, it’s not just a regular novel that speaks of a fictional story. This book hits reality to its truest sense. While people in so called ‘healthy’ relationships read this book for entertainment, people with troubled relationships become interested with what this book has to offer. The author promises that this book is a guide on how to use technology, particularly in the use of cell phones in sending text messages to our partners, to create a more passionate, more loving and a stronger relationship.


This book comes in a course outline format. It includes several short messages which can be sent to our partners, serving as a very important tool to constantly fire up passion, and at the same time maintaining the stability of a relationship.

Part 1

The first part presents an overview and foundation of the information contained inside the book. In this part, the author defines the recipient of the advice, and at the same time explaining why some people will not particularly benefit from the process. It also provides information on the overall power of a single and short text message.

Part 2

This part provides a thorough description of the different kinds of text messages that you can send to make sure that romance will bloom once again in a relationship. Text messages which convey compliments, appreciation and love can also be presented in a sensual way. It also includes messages that can enhance passion and curiosity. It even includes passionate text messages which can be referred to as part of foreplay.

Part 3

This is where customization of information is explained in order to make sure that the method works depending on your own situation. For instance, if you are engaged in a long-distance relationship, the messages can be edited in a way that it applies to your circumstances. This part also provides tips for people who are in a troubled relationship.


Feedback from Readers

Most readers provide a positive feedback on the book. Some also say that some information are really unique and useful. Men are reminded that passion does not deteriorate with age. Thus, most men who have read the book said that by using their cell phones to send sweet messages to their partners, their relationship has greatly improved. Women, on the other hand find the tips on using video and picture messages useful, since they are made aware that men are visually inclined.

Pro Points

· This book can work at any point in your relationship. The strategies used in the course are applicable at any stage within the relationship.

· The text messages in the book are pre-written, and previously used by the author himself.

· Each of the text messages comes with a hidden meaning, making them more effective. They can also be used on different occasions. In the end, you will learn specific tactics on how to be successful.

· Bonuses – you can get the latest information on how to use social media to strengthen your relationship as well as methods on how to flirt with your partner.

· The price is considered reasonable and well worth the results that you will be achieving later on.

Negative Points

· The results may not be instantly available. While some messages may have an immediate impact on your partner, people who are engaged in a troubled relationship may find it challenging to adjust with this method. However, since messages are powerful, with the right timing, you can achieve your desired results.

· The number of messages can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you may find it confusing to choose which message needs to be sent.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

Indeed, improving the status of your current relationship is challenging, yet attainable. By taking advantage of technology, you can spice up your love life and take your commitment with one another to a higher level.

Overall, this outstanding course is rated 9 out of 10. It helps anyone enhance the level of their relationship in a considerable period of time. A lot of people sometimes under estimate the power of simple text messages. However, with the help of this course, you can learn techniques on how to improve your life better.