The Killer Combination for Fats

21 Oct

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to lose weight? All around us, there are adds on pills for weight loss and all kinds of products which can help us lose weight for a short time. The problem comes when you don’t know how effective they are and whether they could harm your health. Contrary to some beliefs, the truth is that there is a way to lose weight no matter how overweight you are, and this way is not connected with pills or surgery. The fat loss factor roots in only one word – DISCIPLINE.

Many of us say that they can not do this, can not do that, but at the same time, the real reason for not doing something is because of our lack of motivation, faith, self-confidence and, of course, lack of discipline. If you want to lose weight, you have to be stubborn and not give up and then you will achieve great results in a short time. The discipline not only means to be well-behaved, but lays behind almost everything- from the food we eat, through the sport we do ,till the sleeping arrangements and the way we move. If you want to lose a couple of pounds you have to start changing your behaviour first and then move on with the next steps.

Number two fat loss factor is the right diet.Nowadays you can always calculate the number of the calories that you receive with each meal. If you are a male and want to lose weight, stick below 2000 calories a day, but do not drop below 1500 calories. If you are married, then you need calories are a little less, so be sure to stick to 1600 and no less than 1400 calories a day.This is less than your daily needs, but is still enough to make you feel better. After all, if you want to lose a few pounds, you have to receive less calories than the required number. Fat loss factor number three is connected with sports and physical activity.

Get organized and be sure to spend at least 30 minutes of sport each day. Choose light exercises so that they don’t overstrain you and gradually intensify the workouts. What is the best way to lose weight with an excecise? Definitely, very fast walking with absolutely no breaks for several hours a day can ensure you a better figure. Every fitness center can offer you a specialized fitness program specially suited for your body. Moreover, you can attend aerocbics classes or zumba dancing – they are more than helpful. I personally recommend sports like brisk walking, jogging or jogging, swimming, tae bo and various stretching exercises . Yoga can also help you lose a couple of pounds and at the same time keep you relaxed and at peace with your inner-self.

All in all, if you combine these three fat loss factors – discipline, the right diet and the right sport , then you will have the desired results in quite a short time. Good luck and be stubborn, because nothing good comes without a hard work!