The Venus Factor System: Is it a Credible Losing Weight Program?

3 Mar

Getting out of shape? Wanting to have a reliable diet scheme plan? Venus Factor is definitely for you. Venus Factor is a 12-week losing weight program especially designed for women. This helps improve the body metabolism and regulate hormones to control weight gain.

This is a custom diet which focuses on important factors such as: height, age, weight, body type, and fitness level as a consideration. It provides right food intake and amount of calories appropriate for your body type to have the right results.

The Venus Factor system focuses on the substance, “Leptin”. This is a key hormone which helps keep burning fat in a women’s metabolism. The exercises provided focuses on “Leptin resistance” so that maximize burn potential is achieved in your workouts. These exercises can be home workouts and does not require the user a gym membership anymore. Women of all sorts, shapes, and sizes will surely love this diet scheme.

The founder, John Barban a certified Nutritionist has discovered a fact called Metabolic Override, a unique strategy to maximize the already available Leptin in a woman’s body and allow it to burn the fat needed for greater weight loss. No starving or fasting is necessary because studies shows that fasting lessens the amount of Leptin. Now, you can eat the food that you really love but just in accordance with the number of calorie intake determined by the Virtual Nutritionist program.

Venus Factor System adopts well with the modern busy lifestyle of working women. The workouts are designed to be flexible, and are designed to more body toning. This accentuates the normal shape of your body, and just burning the excess fats in your thighs, hips, arms, butt, and etc.

Avail of this virtual nutritionist application now! Get all the support that you need in your weight loss journey from the Venus Index Community and know the credible scientific researches by the founder himself, John Barban. Self-improvement such as the noble desire of losing weight is the best investment you can have. You are making a right choice that your future self will thank you for.